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Reserve Account


Unit requires that you maintain a Reserve Account to cover disputes and cases of negative balances resulting from End User activities, as explained in our Disputes Guide.

Unit protects your Reserve Account by utilizing industry-leading tools, built-in controls and additional fraud prevention layers at the customer level and transaction level. In addition, Unit will make sure you’ve implemented best practices that help you protect your Reserve Account. Examples include giving your customers the ability to freeze their card, report it stolen or report it lost within your app.

Nevertheless, losses due to disputes and cases of negative balances are part of any banking product. Key examples, such as ACH Debit origination return, are described under "Risks" in our Disputes Guide. In the case of a dispute or a negative balance, Unit will recover the amount from your Reserve Account.

Like your Revenue Account, your Reserve Account is a type of organization account. Its balance and all transactions are available in your Unit Dashboard on a real-time basis.

Your Reserve Account Balance#

Minimum balance#

The minimum balance for your Reserve Account is specified in your client agreement with Unit. If you have a track record of banking operations, your initial reserve will be calculated according to your track record. If you don't have a track record, your initial reserve will be the minimum.

Ongoing balance & formula#

Once you’re live, we will use your actual transaction volumes and actual risk ratio to recalculate the required balance on a monthly basis. In the case of rapid growth in your volumes, we may recalculate the required balance more frequently.

The formula is based on a combination of components:

  • Daily card volume;
  • Daily ACH Debit origination volume;
  • Daily ACH Credit receiving volume;
  • Originated Wires;
  • Check Deposits.

Each component includes a “Risk Ratio” multiplier. Each multiple is set initially at 1 and may change over time based on your unique activity profile or product structure (for example, choosing to enable ACH debit or not).

On a monthly basis we will review your activity on the platform and notify you of any updates to your balance requirements based on observed activity over the past month.

Reserve Account Formula
Daily card volume x 0.10% card volume risk ratio


Daily ACH Debit origination volume x 5% x ACH Debit risk ratio


Daily ACH Credit origination volume x 4% x ACH Credit risk ratio


Daily wire origination volume x 1% x Wire Origination risk ratio


Daily check deposit volume x 5% x Check Deposit risk ratio