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Unit's pilot mode is the fastest way to build and test your product and experience Unit’s banking platform in a real live environment, without having to do all of the setup. With pilot, you will be able to create real accounts, issue cards and make payments, using real funds.

Without lengthy setup process, commercial discussions, compliance calls or bank relationships, pilot allows you to go from zero to making an online purchase with a card you issued, in minutes.

Getting Started#

  1. Create your pilot account here.
  2. Log in to the Dashboard, and create an API token.
  3. Visit the API documentation and download our Postman collection.
  4. Configure the newly created API key in the postman collection.
  5. Create your first application, which will turn into your first customer.
  6. Create an account.
  7. Create your first virtual card
  8. Add funds to an account via ACH, wire, or push to card. If you are having issues funding an account, contact Unit for assistance.
  9. Build any custom logic that your product needs!
Pilot mode is a part of Unit's Live environment and shares the same API URL and credentials.

Account Funding#

You may fund your account in a few different ways:

  1. Send an ACH from an external account (typically takes a day for the funds to show up on the Unit account).
  2. Send a wire from an external account (immediate).
  3. Add your virtual card to a wallet app like Venmo or CashApp, and push funds to your card.
  4. Having trouble funding your account? Contact us to see if we can help!


Since pilot mode uses real bank accounts and funds, and requires very few details to set up, there are some limitations that we must apply to the activity on pilot accounts, compared to standard live accounts. The limitations include the following:

  1. You may only have 2 non-declined applications. Once you have 2 approved applications, you may not create any additional applications.

  2. You may only create one business customer and one individual customer.

  3. Each customer is restricted to a single account and a single card.

  4. You may not originate ACH debits, or send wires.

  5. A revenue account isn't created and so interest and interchange are not paid out, and you cannot create fees.

  6. You cannot create disputes.

  7. Creating new dashboard users is disabled.

  8. The daily and monthly limits for the various transaction times are set to lower values

    1. ACH Credit: $200 daily, $1,000 monthly
    2. Card purchases: $100 daily
    3. ATM withdrawals: $25 daily
    4. ATM deposits: $25 daily
    5. Bill payments: $100 daily