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Increase your brand's discoverability and allow your end customer's to link and access their Unit deposit account information on platforms they already use through our native, hands-off integration with Yodlee/Envestnet.

Customer Experience#

  1. When your end customer logs into Xero and more platforms that use Yodlee, they can select to link a new bank account.
  2. Within Yodlee's directory, they will search for your brand name and enter the mobile phone number associated with their account on Unit.
  3. A verification code will be sent via SMS for your end customer to enter back in the Yodlee UI in order to authenticate to their account.
  4. Account, balance, and transaction data will then be automatically accessible by the external platform to assist with account linking for money movement, budgeting and expense management, and more.

P´╗┐aypal is not supported for Unit accounts via Yodlee at this time due to a limitation on the way Paypal lists financial institutions.



Yodlee connectivity is a hands-off integration that Unit facilitates. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to be added to Yodlee's directory.

Provide your Customer Success Manager your:

  • Brand name

  • T´╗┐wo versions of your logo, in .svg format

    • F´╗┐ull logo, with minimal padding
    • F´╗┐avicon in 1:1 ratio, typically 16x16 px

Official Account Name#

You may control the way the account name is sent to Yodlee.

Unit will assign a name to each account by using the following values (in order of precedence):

  • The┬áofficialName┬átag on the account
  • The┬ápurpose┬átag on the account
  • The┬ádepositProduct┬áof the account

In order to control the official account name, set the officialName tag to the name you choose. Please make sure the name is unique (within the same customer). If the name provided is not unique, Unit would add a sequence number as a suffix.

Hiding Accounts#

In order to hide an account, set a hide tag on the account to true.