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Decrease your customer’s time-to-first-use and increase deposits by immediately funding their Unit account with Astra.


Unit can help connect you with the Astra team. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Customer Experience#

  1. Once your end customer has opened a deposit account on Unit and is issued a debit card, you can prompt them to fund the account with an external debit card.
  2. They’ll select an amount and enter their external debit card information like on an ecommerce site, and be asked to go through a two-factor-authentication (One time password, that is sent to them through both email and SMS)

Instant account funding will be subject to the Daily Transaction Limit on your end customer's deposit product. Astra also imposes a per-transaction limit.

  1. When the transaction is successful, your end customer should see their deposit account funded on Unit immediately.

Partner Agreements#

You will contract with Astra directly, and take advantage of special, flat rates for Unit clients.


Typical Implementation Steps#

  1. Create a UserIntent on Astra's API. You will receive a user intent id back from Astra.

  2. Authenticate the user using Astra's SDK. You should use the user intent id you received in #1 to initialize the SDK, to save the customer from needing to provide their personal information. You will receive back an Astra authorization code.

  3. Use the authentication code returned by Astra to generate an access token.

  4. Collect the external card details using Astra's SDK. Astra will register the card and create a dedicated card id for it.

  5. Get the dedicated card id Astra generated for the external card in step #4, by calling Astra's List Cards endpoint. You will have to provide the access token generated in #3.

  6. Use Unit's dedicated endpoint to enable card-to-card payments. You will pass the Unit card id in the URL, and the access token received in #3 in the body. In the response, you will receive an Astra card ID for that card.

  7. Once both source and destination cards are registered, you’ll create a Routine with

    • External debit card ID as source_id
    • Unit debit card ID as the destination_id
    • payment_type as debit
    • type as one-time for instant account funding
    • Astra then combines an Account Funding Transaction to pull funds from the external debit card with an Original Credit Transaction to push funds to the Unit debit card for instant funds availability.

In order to successfully test this integration in sandbox, please use a new Unit debit card for testing.

Enable Card To Card Payments Using Astra#

Required Scopecards-write


tokenstringUser access token provided by Astra.
idempotencyKeystringOptional. See Idempotency.
curl --request PATCH '' --header 'Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json' --header 'Authorization: Bearer $UnitToken' --data-raw '{    "data": {        "type": "astra",        "attributes": {            "token": "$AstraToken"        }    }}'


Response is a JSON:API document.

200 OK#

{    "data": {        "type": "astra",        "id": "298242",        "attributes": {            "astraCardId": "8ab2571a-bc35-4e1c-abfb-3fd01317a986"        }    }}