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Unit's Check Deposit support gives your end customers the ability to deposit checks and money orders to their Unit account by uploading images of the front and back of the check.

Depositing a Check#

  1. The end-customer must first endorse the back of their check or money order with their signature and write ‘For mobile deposit at [Bank_Partner_Name]' below their signature to ensure the deposit is accepted.
  2. The end-customer captures a front and the back image and inputs the amount to be deposited. Check deposits are subject to limits.

Unit requires a specific client side SDK (iOS, Android and mobile web) to optimize Check Deposit image capture. Contact your Customer Success Manager for access to the SDK.

  1. Once successfully captured, the check or money order image will be parsed for amount, sender account number, and other details. The image will be analyzed for fraud signals, such as missing signatures or security features. See Rejected Checks below for possible rejection reasons.
  2. The check will be in status pending until it is sent to the network. There is a 7pm EST cut off time, after which deposits will be processed the following business day.

Checks may be sent to manual review, depending on the specifics of the use case and risk of fraud.

  1. Once the check is sent to the network and is successfully processed, the funds will be received by Unit. At that point, the check deposit will change its status to clearing.
  2. When the clearing period is over, the funds will be released to the end customer. We recommend that customers keep the physical check until the end of the statement cycle.

Ineligible Checks#

Checks may not be accepted if they are:

  • in a currency other than US Dollars
  • payable to someone other than the end customer
  • savings bonds or traveler's checks
  • have already been deposited
  • not readable
  • checks without a date, have been post-dated, or are more than 6 months old

Commercial Terms & Pre-requisites#


Mobile Check Deposit is supported for mobile applications only.

If not already included, Mobile Check Deposit will be added to your Unit Terms Sheet for your implementation. There will be a standard cost for each check uploaded to Unit.

Contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.


  • Client Services Agreement: Mobile Check Deposit should already be included in your existing Client Services Agreement. Contact Unit Compliance if you have any concerns.
  • Deposit Agreement: Check deposits have their own terms which will need to be disclosed in your end customer's Deposit Agreement.

Contact Unit Compliance for required changes or additions to your program's agreements.

Tech Integration#

Unit requires a specific client side SDK (iOS, Android and mobile web) to optimize Check Deposit image capture. Contact your Customer Success Manager for access to the SDK.

TimeAPI CallEventComment
TBefore 7pm ESTCreate Check Deposit
TBefore 7pm ESTUpload front image
TBefore 7pm ESTUpload back imagecheckDeposit.createdThe event is fired after the second of the 2 images is successfully uploaded (upload order does not matter).
T + 1checkDeposit.clearing
T + clearingcheckDeposit.sent
T + clearingtransaction.createdTransaction type: checkDepositTransaction

Rejected Checks#

Attempts to deposit checks may be rejected by Unit either in real time or asynchronously. You will learn of a check being rejected by listening to the checkDeposit.rejected event.

Real-time rejection happens during image capture, or upon further processing after the image has been uploaded. Issues with image capture are typically resolvable by the end customer, while issues with further processing can result in a rejection (requiring your end customer to retry the check deposit), or be routed to a Manual Review.

We’ve outlined the most common of each type below. Note this list does not include check returns, which are initiated by the issuing bank after the check has been sent to the check network for processing.

Rejected in real time

Corners are not fully visible (eg. out of frame, folded or torn off)Hold camera directly over check and make sure that all four corners are visible within the camera frame.
Front or back image out of focus or un-processableHold camera directly over check and ensure image resolution is sharp.
Check elements are unreadable (too dark, too light, check is folded)Flatten the check and place on a dark surface in a well-lit area.
Back (Front) Image Looks like Front (Back)Re-upload back (front) image
Back Signature Not DetectedEndorse back of check and recapture image.

Rejected asynchronously (or manual review Required)

Daily limit exceededReject, user to retry later
Transaction limit exceededReject
Front signature not detectedReject
Amount not recognized by OCRManual review
Amount appears changed by depositorManual review
Potential Duplicate CheckReject


Checks may be returned by the issuing bank for a period of time after the check has been deposited. The most common reasons are insufficient funds, account doesn't exist, and unauthorized. The exact timeframe for returns varies by the specific return reason. Most are returned within 24 hours, though some returns can happen up to 60 days after the check has been deposited. Regulation dictates that funds must be returned immediately if the issuing bank issues a return.


Clearing is a mechanism that allows you to reduce the risk of loss due to check returns. If a return has been issued after the funds have been spent, a check return will push the account into a negative balance.

The clearing period is a number of days (typically five days) in which the funds are stored in a special purpose clearing account before they are released to the end-customer. As most returns happen in the first few days, longer clearing periods reduce the risk of a return happening after the funds have been spent, though this is a trade off against the ideal customer experience.

Manual Review#

Mobile Check Deposits may be routed to manual review to minimize fraud while ensuring the best possible success rates. Manual Reviews will be completed same day if the check is submitted in advance of the 7pm EST cut off time.

Unit will inform you when the review is complete and what was the outcome via events.


Check deposits are presented on the Unit Dashboard on the Check Deposits tab.