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Cash Deposits


Provide a convenient account funding experience by enabling your customers to make cash deposits at 90,000+ participating retail locations within the Green Dot® network. The feature is primarily intended for use by individuals, but business customers are also able to make deposits. Note: Green Dot-specific deposit limits (listed below) may prohibit certain business use cases.


For now, this feature is only available with Thread Bank and Blue Ridge Bank.

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Customer Experience#

  1. Within your UI, your customer can browse participating retailers in the Green Dot Network and locate nearby locations. 

  2. Once in store, your customer informs the cashier of the amount they want to deposit and swipes or insert their Unit bank partner debit card in the point-of-sale terminal. Note: Green Dot’s network does not support “tap” transactions at this time; as such, the contactless function of a physical card or any card in a digital wallet can’t be used to initiate a deposit.

  3. The cashier accepts the cash from your customer and provides a receipt.

  4. Each retailer will charge a fee directly from your end customer. The fee will be deducted immediately from the amount deposited in each transaction. The fee amount is typically up to $4.95.

    • For example, assuming the retailer fee is $4.95, if your customer wants to deposit $50 and hands the cashier $50, $45.05 will be added to their deposit account. If they hand over $54.95, $50 will be deposited.

Cash deposits are subject to a $20 minimum and cannot exceed daily and per-transaction limits as described further below.

  1. You customer will see a successful deposit in their account within minutes.
  2. If your customer reports an issue with a cash deposit, the dispute process will be handled by Unit and Green Dot. Follow the steps in our guide for further details on escalating issues to Unit.

Commercial Terms#

Each participating retailer will charge a per-deposit fee directly from your customer. The retailer is required to disclose this fee up-front to the customer.


In addition to any deposit limits set within your Deposit Product, Green Dot’s network enforces the following limits for swipe-based deposit transactions:

  1. Dollar limits:

    • Per transaction: $500 at most retailers, $1,000 at Walmart
    • Daily (rolling 24 hours): $1,500
    • Weekly (rolling 7 days): $3,500
    • Monthly (calendar 30 days): $5,000
  2. Count limits:

    • Daily (rolling 24 hours): 4 deposits
    • Weekly (rolling 7 days): 7 deposits
    • Monthly (calendar 30 days): 20 deposits

Limits are a Green Dot network standard.



Contact your Customer Success Manager to begin implementation on Cash Deposits functionality.


  • Partner Agreements: You do not need to contract with Green Dot to enable access for your customers to the Green Dot Network. Unit has an agreement with Green Dot that can provide you with membership in the Green Dot Network subject to certain conditions. For example, you will need to comply with Green Dot’s Network Operating Rules. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.
  • Marketing Guidelines: You will need to adhere and comply with Green Dot’s Marketing Guidelines and approved assets. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information, and review Unit’s Cash Deposit Marketing Guide.
  • Reserve Account: Unit Compliance will help determine what updates are needed in your reserve account formula to accommodate cash deposits.
  • Customer User Interface: Per-deposit fee will vary by retailer, and end user disclosures will need to be added to your customer deposit account agreements.

Tech Integration#


  • Your BIN range is configured with Green Dot. This is done by Unit but rolls out across the Green Dot network per cash deposit retailer. This rollout can take from as little as one week up to 8 weeks, depending on the retailer.
  • Contact Unit to ensure that all the Cash Deposit configurations on Unit's side are completed.
  • You will not need to integrate directly with Green Dot. Unit wraps this integration on your behalf.

Typical Implementation#

  • Allow the customer to search for a nearby cash deposit Store Location by using the List By Coordinates endpoint or the List By Postal Code endpoint. The store locations in the response will allow you to display Retailer locations on a map within your UI.
  • Upon a successful deposit at the selected store location, a Cash Deposit Transaction will be posted (typically within 15 minutes) in the end-customer account and transaction.created webhook will be fired.
  • The customer’s account will be credited and the impact of this transaction will appear on your Unit Dashboard.